The three-month Project funded by UNDP had been implemented by RISC founder members as Dr. Shombodon D., Dr. Khandsuren S., Dr. Altanbat Ts. and Mr. Namsrai B., in Kherlen soum, Khentii aimag.
The Project assisted Kherlen soum in establishing 14 business clusters of micro enterprises that continuously provide production and service activities. As a facilitator of cluster and network development and BDS provider, "Kherlen-Business Development Association" (NGO) was established in Kherlen soum, on 9th February, 2004. Organizational and management structure of the NGO was set in accordance with the Mongolia Law. The non-profit making NGO has well-repaired office and training facilities. The business clusters and the NGO are interlinked forming a network organizationally and through the General Agreement of cooperation among the business clusters and the entire network. Team building within the clusters, partnership development between clusters and cooperation of clusters with the NGO are progressing, well.
Institutional and business capacity building trainings for the clusters were conducted in March, 2004. Successful attendees (22 out of 30) are certified. Upon demand, some additional training courses have been organized for them. With assistances of consultants/trainers, 13 clusters developed own business plans to implement their business strategies based on their SWOT analysis. In this away, these clusters are trying to expand and grow their activities into legal business entities.
With an agreement of the Khentii aimag SLP Council, 2.5 million MNT from the project budget on behalf of "Kherlen-Business Development Association", were invested in Revolving Loan Fund to financially support creditworthy clusters. At the end of the project, the project team asissted the clusters in marketing their products by organizing a sales exhibition.