The RISC/Business Incubator is established and equipped under the project "EU-Transmongolia Partnership for Sustainable Tourism and Related business Development" which runs from 2008 to early 2011. The EU-Transmongolia Project trained 6 RISC staff and 6 local tourism officers on sustainable tourism and business development services provision for SMEs. The RISC/Business Incubator provides the following business development services:
SME training delivery;
Preparation of business plans and investment proposals;
SME Consulting services with a focus for enterprise start-up;
Partnership building between Mongolian and foreign investors.



The project is financed by the Asian Investment Programme of the European Union. Overall goals of the 36-month project are to:
- Strengthen commercial links between EU and the greater Mongolian cultural area (Mongolia and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China) and south trade links between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China;
- Upgrade sustainable tourism and related businesses in Mongolian and in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China;
- Reinforce private sector and new business development opportunities in the targeted country and region by promoting tourism and stimulating new, sustainable business development;
- Favor the participation of Mongolia (LDC) and of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (LDR in China) and increase their international market knowledge and access by reducing local/rural poverty; and
- Enhance Europe's economic presence in Mongolia.

The Consortium was achievied specific objectives during this 36-month project as follows:
- support Rural Investment Support Centre in Mongolia to develop new and improved services to micro-small and potential entrepreneurs in the sector of sustainable tourism and related businesses;
- provide training for 30 Mongolian and 15 Chinese micro enterprises from Inner Mongolia in marketing their products and be better equipped to service EU tourism; and
- promote EU-Trans Mongolian trade, tourism and investment links through commercial and cultural communication material and its dissemination in EU, China, Mongolia and the rest of world.

The main results achieved:
- 115 Mongolian 9 Inner-Mongolian enterprises were trained on sustainable tourism, business planning and IT tools as target definable as target group compared to the initial 30 from Mongolia;
- 12 participants from the Inner Mongolian Autonomous region were trained on the same topics;
- 36 fully-fledged business plans developed from Mongolian enterprises;
- 9 fully-fledged business plans developed from Inner Mongolia enterprises;
- 1 Sustainable Tourism Guide, 64 pages long, developed building on evidence produced in business plans and target regions both in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia;
- 500 project DVDs developed on the Kart media format
- 5 partnership agreements with target regions governors signed
- 1 Public-private partnership set up in Umnugobi region among Regional Governor tourism department and private tour operators and advice on PPP provided to Khuvsgul Vice-Governors;
- 1 bilateral Association Agreements set up among RISC and all tourism enterprises trained who produced the business plans;
- 1 business incubator established;
- 2500 project leaflets promoting sustainable tourism printed and vast majority distributed at the BIT Milan Fair of Tourism;
- 500 copies of the Sustainable Tourism Guide 2010 printed and more than half distributed;
- 150 DVDs of Mongolian National Tourism Centre and Inner Mongolia Tourism Administration distributed;
- RISC website developed and on-line
- 2 project press communication released in Italy and Slovenia, the one in Italy being directed to 12 journalists and tourism sector magazines;
- 20 folders including all promotional material delivered for the Press Room of the BIT Milan International Fair of Tourism;
- Continuous information with Mongolian Honorary Consulate to Italy and CCPIT Milan Office upon project disseminated;
- Publishing of project pictures on homepage of Mongolian Honorary Consulate to Italy ( and on the most complete Italian portal on Mongolia ( managed by a journalist working for the Corriere della Sera, the most diffused Italian daily newspaper;
- Newsletter on Study visit of Mongolian and Chinese Delegation from Formaper and Slovenia Chamber reaching about 20.000 persons;
- 1 Exposure (study -visit) programme organized for 10 people consisting of 10 field visit in Slovenia, 5 tour operators presentation in Slovenia, 1 day attendance at BIT - Milan Fair of Tourism, half a day presentation at BIT for tour operators and travel magazines/journalists and one focused workshop with 9 Italian Tour Operators.
- 2 final conferences held in Ulaan Bataar and Hohhot with participation of 6 EU tour operators, 1 from Honk Kong, 10 from Mongolia and 8 from Inner Mongolia.
- One follow-up up training session carried out for RISC staff, leading to RISC business plan development
- Statements of purposes countersigned about networking and sustainability